Photo Electronics

In today’s world of motion control, photo electronic sensing plays a large role in the high-speed detection. The photo eye, using light (visible or infrared) can discover distance, the presence or absence of and object, orientation, color and the lack of color.

Most photo eyes operate via two methods, reflective mode or beam break mode. In both cases the light source transmits light and detects the light reflection or the interruption as an object blocks the light. This basic principal is used in many configurations since it is only looking for a steady state change to give an output.

There are many benefits from using light, it is not in contact with the product it is detecting so, it does not alter the product, the eye does not wear out and it is maintenance free. It detects almost all materials, this includes glass, metal, plastic, wood, and liquid.  

 One big benefit of a photo eye is that it can be used over a short or a long distance (laser) with the same accuracy. This makes them ideal for everything from a high-speed bottle line, hands dryer or a label machine.

Modern photo eyes are so sophisticated that they can be select for any application, and be “programed” to detect virtually anything. When you attached glass or plastic fiber optic cables to these products the applications are limitless.

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