Gear motors are a combination of an electric motor (AC or DC) and a gear box. Typically, the gear box is used to mechanically reduce the RPM output lower and increase the output torque. By increasing the amount of “stages” within a gear box the motor can be tailored made for a specific application for torque/speed requirements. As with any electromechanical product, gear motors gears can be constructed in many different materials including steel, iron, aluminum, brass, and plastic composites. Each one of these materials has its own benefits for noise, smoothness and durability.  

A gearmotor has many benefits over alternate solutions;

1)    Torque can be increased while slowing down the shaft RPM.

2)    The output shaft can exit inline, off center or even at right angles to the motor body.

3)     The entire gear box and motor are enclosed to keep the elements out.

4)    Most gear motor boxes are internally lubricated with oil or grease and are self-contained many for a life time of use with little to no maintenance.

5)    It can reduce the overall motor and separate gear box size, a smaller package.

6)    Depending on the gear design it can reduce overall noise.

7)    Many gear motor design are capable of higher “shock” loads.

8)    Smaller motors can be produced with much larger keyed shaft designs.

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